ENVIRONMENTAL LABELING: in compliance with the requirements of art. 219 paragraph 5 of legislative decree 152/2006 and on the basis of the guidelines on the environmental labeling of packaging issued by the Ministry of the Environment, we are informing you of the nature of the materials of our packaging.  For any related disposal questions, please always check the provisions of your municipality regarding waste collection:

1) Wooden pallets: code FOR 50 – WOOD COLLECTION
2) Cardboard boxes of various types, cardboard corners and anything else: code PAP 20 – PAPER COLLECTION
3) Stretch film, bags and/or polyethylene sheets: code PE-LD 04 – PLASTIC COLLECTION
4) Polypropylene packing tape: code PP 05 – SEPARATE COLLECTION
5)  Polypropylene  strapping: code PP 05 – PLASTIC COLLECTION
6) Cardboard labels: code PAP 21 – PAPER COLLECTION
7)  Adhesive labels in  Polypropylene: code PP 05 – SEPARATE COLLECTION


Mazzei Manufacturing spa remain at your disposal for any further clarification