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Manufacturer of items for your home for over 100 years
In one form or another, MazzeiMondex has produced household items for over 100 years.

With production and design in both France and Italy, M-Home by MazzeiMondex is the perfect marriage between the Italian beauty of Tuscany and the sophistication of Alsace France.

The focus the company places on furniture and color trends allows M-Home products to integrate perfectly into all types of dwellings.

Today, using the most modern means of production, we produce more than 500 different articles and deliver them to customers around the world.

We control the entire production process, from design to sale, and adhere to strict quality controls.

Paying particular attention to technology and innovative design is what makes M-Home products the most ergonomic and functional cleaning and organizing tools for the entire home.
Tools designed to improve consumers’ quality of life.